4 biggest questions for the Buffalo Bills in Week 14 against the Chiefs

The Buffalo Bills are fighting for a playoff spot and these are the top questions for Week 14.
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs
Buffalo Bills v Kansas City Chiefs / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Will Dawson Knox return from injured reserve?

The Buffalo Bills lost Dawson Knox to a wrist injury at the end of October and would place him on injured reserve. He would be required to miss four games and could have returned against the Eagles in Week 12.

However, he wasn't ready yet and the Bills didn't activate him before the game. Now with an extra week to recover, it will be interesting to see if Buffalo opens the practice window on Wednesday. If they do, it doesn't guarantee that Knox will return for this game but it is a big indication he is close.

If Dawson Knox is activated for this game, it raises the question of how he fits into the offense. The Bills have a new offensive coordinator and it will be interesting to see if Joe Brady is willing to run as many two-tight end sets as Ken Dorsey.