4 best backup quarterbacks in Buffalo Bills history

Frank Reich, Buffalo Bills
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3. Ryan Fitzpatrick

Ryan Fitzpatrick joined the Buffalo Bills in 2009 to be the backup to Trent Edwards. However, Edwards would suffer an injury midseason and Fitzpatrick would take over the starting job for the remainder of his time with the Bills.

In four seasons with the Bills, he would start 53 games and throw 80 touchdowns with 64 interceptions while averaging just under 212 passing yards per game. During this time period in Buffalo Bills history, the team was looking for stability at quarterback and Fitzpatrick provided that during that time.

He would go on to continue playing in the NFL but was more of a journeyman quarterback as he didn't last more than two seasons with a single franchise. However, teams understood how he could help a team with a veteran like Ryan Fitzpatrick as a backup and was usually having a few teams look to sign him during free agency.