4 best backup quarterbacks in Buffalo Bills history

Frank Reich, Buffalo Bills
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The backup quarterback position is often overlooked until that player has to step in for the starter. That has rung true for the Buffalo Bills over the years as there has been a number of times the team has had to turn to the backup in pivotal moments.

Some of those quarterbacks have stepped up and helped keep seasons alive, either in the regular season or the playoffs. These are the four best backup quarterbacks in Buffalo Bills history.

4. Alex Van Pelt

Alex Van Pelt was drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers and after a brief stint with the Kansas City Chiefs would join the Buffalo Bills in 1995. He would remain with the team for nine seasons which was the remainder of his career as a player.

He was the definition of a career backup quarterback as he would only appear in 31 games and start 11 games over that time period. After Jim Kelly retired in 1996, the Bills had a revolving door of starting quarterbacks but the one constant was Alex Van Pelt, who also got a chance to start eight games in 2001.

The career starts weren't overly impressive as he had only 16 passing touchdowns and 24 interceptions but was a valuable voice in the quarterback room or he wouldn't have remained with the team as long as he did across a number of coaching staffs.