3 wide receivers in line for career seasons with Josh Allen and the Bills

Josh Allen
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Chase Claypool

Claypool is most definitely the hardest player to say will have a career year with the Bills considering he isn't going to be one of the top options in this passing offense. But what he can do, is re-invent himself as one of the better wide receivers in this league like he was back in Pittsburgh his first two seasons in 2020 and 2021.

In those two seasons, Claypool tallied 873 yards and 9 receiving touchdowns in 2020 and 860 receiving yards and 2 receiving touchdowns in 2021. He could potentially fight for anywhere from 400-500 yards as one of the last options in this passing game.

Definitely a far cry from one of the Top 3 options in Pittsburgh, but considering how many fewer targets he could get, that could be a better yards per catch average. Also, like Mack Hollins, he is a big body receiver who is a red zone threat, so he could potentially get more touchdowns than in his 2021 season.