3 ways Gabriel Davis can shine in his contract year with the Buffalo Bills

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3.) Availability and staying healthy

Davis has so far been able to stay healthy and be on the field his entire career. In three seasons, Davis has only missed one game which took place last season due to an ankle sprain. Aside from that, Davis has always been ready to go on gameday.

Davis is not as talented as some of the receivers in the league, but sometimes availability is the best thing to provide a team. The only other notable Bills receiver who has managed to stay consistently healthy is Stefon Diggs

If Davis is not able to avoid injury in this contract year, this could not only limit his market, but also may cost him some money as well. It all depends on what the Bills or other teams value the most with him. Even though players can still get paid off of an injury on a contract year, Davis is not a number one receiver aside from teams like the Tennessee Titans, New York Giants, etc.

With Davis already having a proven history of being able to stay healthy, this should not be concerning for Davis going into this season.