3 ways Bills can help Chase Claypool have career resurgence in Buffalo

The Buffalo Bills coaching staff can help Chase Claypool bounce back with these three things.
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Buffalo Bills need to target Chase Claypool in the red zone

Among all the stats from Chase Claypool's career, the one that is probably the biggest surprise is the red zone targets, or lack thereof. As a rookie, Claypool had 13 targets and caught seven of them and four ended with touchdowns.

In 2021, Claypool once again had 13 targets, caught six of them with two touchdowns. However, since that season, he has had only seven targets over the past two years. For a player with Claypool's size, this doesn't make much sense as this part of the field should be where he is highlighted the most in the playbook.

If Chase Claypool were to make the Buffal Bills 53-man roster, his performance and his ability to prove he can be a threat in the red zone will probably be a big determining factor. The Bills are building out an offense that is going to be very tough to stop with big receiving targets like Claypool, Keon Coleman, Dalton Kincaid, Dawson Knox, or even Ray Davis.

When factoring in Josh Allen's scrambing ability near the goal line, it is going to be a nightmare for opposing defenses.

At this point, Chase Claypool is probably a long-shot to make the 53-man roster but these things could put him in position to be a big surprise this upcoming season.