3 Washington Commanders the Buffalo Bills need to keep quiet in Week 3

Washington Commanders v Denver Broncos
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1.) Montez Sweat

With the defensive line that the Commanders have, it is tough to decide who the Bills would have to focus the most on upfront. However, Montez Sweat has been an underrated pass rusher in the league because of the big names like Chase Young and Jonathan Allen.

Sweat currently leads the Commanders’ defense with three sacks and is in the top five amongst total tackles. In addition, he is responsible for two of the Commanders’ three forced fumbles. Long story short, Sweat is near or in the play for the Commanders' defense. 

Bills’ tackles Dion Dawkins and Spencer Brown will have a test with Sweat and Young upfront, but Sweat provides more of the physical aspect in his game which could lead to him taking over a drive potentially. If the Bills are able to create a game plan to eliminate the production of Sweat, that not only takes away an impactful player, but they will not have to be in those third down situations where Josh Allen tries to play hero ball.