3 undrafted free agent players to watch in Bills training camp

The Bills found many gems after the draft that could help the team early on both sides of the ball.
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp
Buffalo Bills Mandatory Minicamp / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages
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CB Te’Cory Couch

The Bills continue their success finding undrafted corners, this time with the hopes of it being Te’Cory Couch, whom they signed out of Miami. The undrafted corner shined in spring practices, making plays during mandatory minicamp

Couch comes into a jam-packed cornerback depth chart that features 10 players fighting for jobs. Couch’s road to a roster spot won’t come easy, and if history repeats itself, the Bills will only keep four outside corners. That means the final roster spot will be between Ja’Marcus Ingram and Te’Cory Couch. While the job may go to Ingram, the Bills won’t let Couch get far. They like his game, and if there’s anything this front office and fanbase understand, it’s that corners can get injured at any point of the season. Having the depth of Couch on the practice squad may be something the team values late in the season.

He’s already shown the team what he can do in shorts. Once the pads come on, he’ll have to show it all over again. Can he hold his own on defense, and play well on special teams? Much like the aforementioned Ja’Marcus Ingram, undrafted corners take the special teams route in this Sean McDermott lead team. That’s where Couch is going to have to shine in his rookie year. 

Couch has the talent, he’s just going to have to earn the team's trust in other areas on the field though. The Bills look deep for corner depth, with Levi Wallace, Cam Lewis, and Ja’Marcus Ingram being prime examples of that. Given time, Couch could be another under-the-radar gem.