3 underrated Buffalo Bills that will have an impact in 2024

The Buffalo Bills have some faces ahead of the 2024 season. We know what we are getting from the stars but how about some of those that we may not be expecting to step up?

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Buffalo Bills, Dorian Williams - Linebacker

When Dorian Williams was in the game, you could see the motor and high-energy style he brings, which I love. I also noted how he flies to the football and isn't afraid to get in there. Oftentimes, with rookies there is a hesitation in their step, questioning themselves if they've made the right decision or read the play correctly. Williams makes a call and fires off like a rocket. I think in 2024, with a season of learning and developing, that mentality will serve him well.

Even with Matt Milano returning and Terrel Bernard occupying the other linebacker spot, Williams will get his opportunity as a reserve and probably be a vital piece of the special teams. Buffalo lost a lot of excellent special teamers and I think Williams can be that next great one. Plus, if either of Milano or Bernard were to miss any time, I feel far more confident this year with Williams filling in.