3 tight ends at the NFL Combine the Buffalo Bills could target in the 2024 NFL Draft

Trey Knox - South Carolina
Trey Knox - South Carolina / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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I know I know....you're asking why would the Bills draft another tight end when they already have Dalton Kincaid and Dawson Knox. It's a fair question and I honestly don't see the Bills drafting one; however, I can see a reasoning behind it, if they choose to do so. With the salary cap situation surrounding the team this offseason, Beane will have to get creative to get the Bills under the cap and still provide talent and depth. Part of that could include a look to the future, beyond the 2024 NFL season.

Not only that but I've learned to never assume anything with Brandon Beane calling the offseason shots. So, I might as well research every position available in the draft, just in case Beane throws us a curveball. I've seen a lot of fans wanting to cut Dawson Knox but that is very unlikely to happen, or a trade either. If the Bills were to release him, they would take a cap hit of over $12 million and save only $18 million. So that's out of the question. Trading him results in largely the same.

Now the part where I explain why the Bills could potentially draft a tight end. As I pointed out, the team can't release Knox this season; however, if he's a post June 1, 2025 cut, the numbers almost flip. The Bills take a dead cap hit of $3.9 million in both 2025 and 2026 but save a whopping $11.5 million on their salary cap. Therefore, Brandon Beane could be looking towards that 2025 season and use this year's draft to bring in and develop Knox's replacement. That's what we call "forward thinking".