3 things fans learned about the Buffalo Bills offense in 2023

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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The offense needs an upgrade at receiver 

The receiving room was addressed earlier this season, mainly with Gabe Davis being as inconsistent as he is. Davis finished the 2023 season with around 750 receiving yards and seven receiving touchdowns, which isn't bad, but he's earned most of these receiving yards through only five different games this season. 

There are also five different games this season where Davis didn't even record a catch, and for the rest of the games, he was barely a threat on the offense. This is how Davis was in previous years, mainly due to his lack of ability to gain separation.

There will be fans who complain about Davis's drops this season, but that wasn't the main issue with him, as he only recorded three drops compared to the nine he had last season. The main issue was his route running and lack of chemistry with Allen, as there were multiple times when Davis and Allen weren't on the same page, especially with option routes.

However, Davis did do a lot of good things in the running game, as he's undoubtedly the best run-blocking receiver on the team, and he's had many key blocks that have resulted in big runs as well. Davis is very unselfish and a great teammate in the locker room, but his performance is just too inconsistent.

Davis is in the final year of his contract, and Davis says he wants to stay in Buffalo if they make him a decent offer, but will likely test out the free agency market and go to another team.

However, it's not just Davis anymore. Stefon Diggs has taken a very noticeable fall during the latter part of the season. This could be due to the change of coordinators, but even when Diggs gets targeted, he doesn't look the same. 

Diggs still gets a lot of targets and seems to have good run-after-catch ability, but something seems off about him. It could be due to some injuries he's suffered, but he's dropped eight passes during the regular season and dropped a couple of crucial passes in the playoffs, one of them being a game-changing 65-yard dime in the later part of the Chiefs game. 

Although, as Diggs starts to show inconsistency, second-year player Khalil Shakir is starting to immerse himself as a star in the offense. In the last 10 games (including playoffs), Shakir recorded 462 receiving yards on 37 targets while Diggs recorded 422 receiving yards on 80 targets. Shakir averaged almost 12.5 yards per target while Diggs averaged 5.2 yards per target.

Shakir should be involved in the game plan much more in the next season, while Diggs and Davis may not even be on the team next season. Diggs could be used in a possible trade to not just free up a lot of cap space, but potentially land a higher draft pick on a rookie receiver in this year's receiver-heavy draft.