3 things fans learned about the Buffalo Bills offense in 2023

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills
AFC Divisional Playoffs - Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills / Perry Knotts/GettyImages
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The Buffalo Bills team in 2023 is the epitome of the franchise, a roller coaster of emotions. Many different times this season, the team started very hot then back down to cold in the weirdest ways possible, and a lot of this was because of the inconsistencies in the Bills offense this year. 

However, one thing is for certain, the Bills end the year in disappointment where they can't get over the hump that's in the way of a potential Super Bowl run, and that hump is the Kansas City Chiefs. It seems no matter what the Bills do in these games, it's just not good enough to get the job done, as the Chiefs always find a way to win.

Many things need to be addressed in the offseason, but that starts with key takeaways from the offense. The bread and butter of this team that makes the Buffalo Bills so exciting also needs to be evaluated if the team wants to make a legitimate push for the Super Bowl.