3 things the Buffalo Bills need to change before Week 10 against the Broncos

Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals
Buffalo Bills v Cincinnati Bengals / Dylan Buell/GettyImages
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Many Bills fans were skeptical in this game against the red-hot Cincinnati Bengals. Joe Burrow and his squad were coming into this game with a 3-0 record, posting 8 touchdowns with only 2 interceptions in his last 3 games. 

The Bills lost 24-18, and although the game was competitive towards the end, there were again many problems within the Bills team. Fans can point fingers at the coaching, players, overall gameplan, etc, but the real question is, what changes do the Bills need to make?

The Bills were once a team that was once a potential Superbowl contender, now the team seems to struggle in winnable games, even against inferior opponents, and may even miss the playoffs entirely. A 5-4 record isn't the ideal situation for the Bills, given the standings within the AFC, where from the stretch every single game will matter.

The Bills need to start making some changes soon, offense and defensively, although the offense needs most of the change as they should be carrying an injured defense. The Bills need to do this in week 10 against the Broncos, especially when facing more challenging opponents in the Jets, Eagles, Cheifs, Cowboys, and Chargers down the stretch.