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Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Stefon Diggs importance not lost on his teammates

The goal for the Buffalo Bills this season is once again trying to reach and hopefully win a Super Bowl. There is no question the roster is talented enough to compete with any team in the NFL and could certainly do it this year.

However, they are unlikely to achieve that without Stefon Diggs, and his importance to this roster was not lost on his teammates on Tuesday. After practice, Josh Allen said about Diggs:

""This does not work what we are doing here without him.""

Shortly after Josh Allen, Von Miller echoed a similar sentiment and said there would be no Von Miller on the Buffalo Bills without Stefon Diggs. He did say he was on his side and further clarified that there aren't sides but rather he supports him.

It is not surprising to hear these comments, especially from Josh Allen. It wasn't until Diggs arrived in Buffalo in 2020 that Josh Allen really developed into the quarterback he is now, which is one of the best in the league. This offense doesn't work without Stefon Diggs and hopefully, the issues are behind them with the focus on the upcoming season.