3 takeaways from the Buffalo Bills 2023 minicamp

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots
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Buffalo Bills have (had) a communication problem

Typically when players skip mandatory minicamp, it usually is due to a contract issue. There are a number of players who are hoping to get a new deal that is not participating in minicamp, like running back J.K. Dobbins.

However, with Stefon Diggs it never seemed like it was a contract issue as he received a new deal last offseason and still ranks as one of the highest paid wide receivers in the league. The issue seems to be more tied to a communication issue, as Josh Allen alluded to after Tuesday's practice.

However, Allen notes that the organization as a whole needs to work on communication. This certainly isn't uncommon or should be an issue for concern. It is somewhat surprising for a group that has now been together for a number of years that a communication issue occurs now.

It was great to see Stefon Diggs at practice on Wednesday and it looks like the issue might be resolved. Although it will be interesting if this doesn't come back up during the season.