3 surprise cuts the Buffalo Bills could make before regular season

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1.) A.J. Klein - Linebacker

This could come as a surprise to some as the linebacker position is arguably the biggest question mark of the team. Klein was with the Bills from 2020-2021, and eventually re-joining the team last season. While Klein may not be in line for the open middle linebacker spot that is more than likely between Tyrel Dodson and Terrel Bernard, there is also no guarantee that he could be on the roster because of who else is in the room. 

There is Matt Milano and he is obviously not going anywhere. Then there is Dorian Williams, who the Bills drafted this year in the third round (who should be potentially competing for a starting spot at some point), Baylon Spector who could be part of a potential rotation and was just drafted last year by the Bills, and then there is Tyler Matakevich who is utilized on special teams heavily. 

This could leave Klein on the outside looking in if he does not impress in free agency. Even though he would be able to provide backup stability and transition into the defense should an injury come up, it all comes back to development and overall talent. Klein could potentially be the odd man out of Buffalo.