3 strengths and 2 weaknesses of Sean McDermott heading into 2023 season

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens
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Strength #3: Bringing back aggressiveness to the defense

When former Bills’ defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier stepped down from the organization after their disastrous playoff defeat at the hands of the Cincinnati Bengals, this left a big question as to who would be the next defensive play caller in Buffalo.

All signs seem to point to McDermott calling the plays this season. Ever since McDermott was in the league going back to when he was in Philadelphia, he has been able to build up a defensive philosophy over the years before implementing it in Carolina and then eventually solidifying it in Buffalo. 

When Frazier was in Buffalo, there seemed to be a lack of aggressiveness on the defense at times which hurt the Bills during the season. If McDermott indeed is the play caller, there is reason to believe that players like Ed Oliver will finally be able to shine under McDermott. The aggressiveness should be shown more this season on the defense.