3 strengths and 2 weaknesses of Sean McDermott heading into 2023 season

Buffalo Bills v Baltimore Ravens
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Strength #1: Building a great culture

Since his arrival back in 2017, McDermott has demonstrated that his players will be more than just football players. He expects them to be great people in general, give back to the community and help create a positive image for the Bills organization.

With this culture that he and general manager Brandon Beane have built, the Bills’ fan base rallies behind the team through all adversity that the team faces, especially last season. It’s not only the culture that he builds up with the players and the community, but also the staff members within the organization, which has been listed as a reason why some free agents decide to join the Bills. 

Like each year, the Bills are listed as an organization that takes care of their own and it starts at the top. Part of having great success is having a great culture, which is something that McDermott seems to never forget.