3 storylines heading into Buffalo Bills' huge divisional game with the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills
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Sean McDermott's defense versus Mike McDaniel's offense

Let's just call this the Battle of the McDs. Ok, that was cheesy but this is basically what this game boils down to. Can McDaniel's offense put up enough points against McDermott's defense? I know the Dolphins just put up 70 points and I'm tired of hearing about it. Since McDaniel took over as the head coach of the Dolphins, Miami has scored over 30 points only once, which they lost to the Bills anyways.

I've also heard fans saying the Bills need to do this or do that or a multitude of things to stop the Dolphins' offense. For me, it comes down to one thing and one thing only. Get after Tua and he'll make some mistakes. I know the Dolphins' run game has been lights out and that's been the bread and butter so far but get to Tua, forcing some turnovers whether by means of a strip sack or interception, will turn this game around in favor of the Bills.

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