3 storylines heading into Buffalo Bills' huge divisional game with the Miami Dolphins

Buffalo Bills
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The Buffalo Bills have a massive battle coming up against divisional rival, the Miami Dolphins and this rival is back in full force. Interesting how things play out in the NFL. Throughout the summer, all the talk was about the New Jersey Jets and here we are now, only the Bills and Dolphins are relevant in the AFC East.

There are several storylines with this game too that will begin to be played out on Sunday in the biggest game of the season so far. There is a lot of season still to play but the winner in this one will take over first place and own the early tiebreaker. Is this a must-win for either team, no but it's a big one, nonetheless.

We've broken this game down from a ton of different angles too. There are different ways this game could go, from a ball-control attack to light up the scoreboard and whoever possesses the ball, in the end, wins the game. With that, let's get into three storylines heading into this showdown.