3 running backs in NFL Draft that are perfect fits for Buffalo Bills

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Frank Gore Jr, Southern Miss

The son of NFL legend, and former Buffalo Bills RB, Frank Gore Sr, Gore Jr saw success later on in his college career. Gore spent four years at Southern Mississippi where he totaled 4,022 rushing yards and 26 TDs on 759 attempts. Unlike Benson, Gore has a good amount of tread on his legs already. The Bills may disregard that and draft him anyway, because he's a very talented back and a bruiser in their backfield is exactly what they're looking for. But they may not have him as long as they would Benson before his tires start to fall off as the expression goes.

Gore didn't participate in the combine drills, but he did have his measurements taken. He stands at 5'8 and 201 lbs, very similar to his dad's size in the league. With the same build and skillset as his father, Gore Jr hopes to have the same success his father did for so many years. The question is, how much can he learn and grow between now and the season? He has plenty to work on in order to have success in the league, including becoming a bit quicker past the LOS.


Out of these three talented backs, I'd love to see Allen be the draft choice here. The traits and size is exactly what the Bills are looking for out of their James Cook backup. It's time to go younger in the backfield, and a three headed monster of Cook, Allen, and Johnson is absolutely the way to go. There's only one problem. They're going to have some competition for his services, as multiple other teams have met with him either on "top 30" visits, or combine visits.