3 running backs in NFL Draft that are perfect fits for Buffalo Bills

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The Buffalo Bills have, for the most part, set themselves up to go BPA (best player available) at the end of April. Of course in Round 1, it may be the best receiver available instead, but that shouldn't take away from the fact that the Bills have done a nice job constructing their team this year. They've filled the positions of need through free agency that they had to and found talent while doing it. Now that they are likely going BPA after Round 1, could an RB on Day 2 or Day 3 be in the cards?

The Bills have been searching for an RB through free agency to fill out the position but to no avail. Now with limited cap space, they're tasked with finding an RB2 through the draft. This year is loaded with RB talent after the first round, and the Bills will have no shortage of options, should they choose to wait until day three. The Bills have met with plenty of RBs and done their homework leading up to the draft, leading many to believe they'll come away from this with a new RB in the backfield.

A tandem of James Cook and Ty Johnson is fine, but the Bills may be looking for a young RB to take over for Ty Johnson when the time comes. The backfield produced very well last year, with James Cook rushing for 1,122 rushing yards, and Ty Johnson rushing for 132 rushing yards in his limited action. Last year, the Bills had their best success rushing the ball in Josh Allen's career, and it may look even better this year with a new rookie back there.