3 reasons to be excited for Buffalo Bills rushing attack moving forward

Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills
Las Vegas Raiders v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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3.) Cook, Harris, Murray each averaged over 3 yards a carry

Typically an offense is looking to gain three yards on their drive as it would help them move the chains for a first down. Not only that but if a team is able to do that by getting the ground game going, it helps set up for the pass.

The three main backs in Buffalo were able to get a run game going and they each took advantage of each carry they got. Cook managed to average 12.7 yards a carry. Harris averaged 4.7 yards, and Murray averaged 3.7 yards a carry. 

This might have been the perfect game to incorporate the run game as the Raiders didn’t necessarily have a tough run defense. It’s the little things in an NFL game that can mean the most and the fact that Dorsey managed to build up the run game that didn’t revolve around Allen shows Bills fans that they have the backs who can carry the rock effectively.

Picking up those simple yards leads to bigger plays and this game against the Raiders proved it.