3 reasons adding DeAndre Hopkins would make Buffalo Bills Super Bowl favorites

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Red zone matchup nightmare

I could make this short and sweet, and remind everyone of the “Hail Murray”. That should be all that is needed to make my point here.  But I will take it a step further because I think the Bills have a few of these guys on this roster now, and Hopkins’ presence makes them all better.

I’m referring to guys like Dawson Knox (6’4”), Dalton Kincaid (6’4”), and Bills rookie receiver Justin Shorter (6’4”).  We know what we have in Knox, and some fans might be quick to discount him, but he has 15 touchdown receptions over the last two seasons.  With Kincaid and Shorter, it was apparent the Bills wanted to get bigger and taller in the passing game.

Now you add Hopkins to the mix, and the options that Allen and the Bills have in the red zone are crazy good.  Hopkins would probably be the main focal point of defenses inside the red zone, but that means easier opposition for the other guys I just mentioned.

Also, let me throw this last bit in the mix.  Last season, we saw defenses playing bracket coverage on Diggs and putting their number one corner on Davis.  Defenses will not be able to fade coverages to one receiver or another with Hopkins in the fold.  If teams want to play more nickel, good luck stopping Allen, Cook, and Harris from running the ball.

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