3 reasons adding DeAndre Hopkins would make Buffalo Bills Super Bowl favorites

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Deandre Hopkins means Gabe Davis can feast on lesser corners.

Stefon Diggs is already considered a top-five wide receiver in the league and one of the best route runners. Opposing corners, elite or not, have a hard time against Diggs and Allen, the elite Jalen Ramsey gets burned by these two regularly. Just ask Ramsey he'll tell you himself. We know he won't but he struggles against the Bills.

There is a belief that Gabe Davis is better off as the Bills' number four receiver, and with Diggs and Hopkins on the field and whoever the slot receiver is (Khalil Shakir fan), that would allow Davis to go back to the role that made him so dangerous in the previous seasons, feasting on lesser corners.

Davis struggled at times last season, though that can be attributed largely to the early season ankle injury but a fully healthy Davis going up against the opponent's number third or fourth corner, would be far more than defenses can handle.

With Diggs, Hopkins, Davis, and Shakir, the Bills would have one of the best, if not the best wide receiver corps in the NFL.  I know Philly fans will disagree, but it’s true.  This is a passing league, and there would be no better quarterback and wide receiver grouping.