3 reasons the Buffalo Bills can end the year with a winning streak

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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Bills have historically played their best late in the season

The Bills offense looked like their old selves in comparison to their success in seasons prior. They just went on the road and scored over 30 points against potentially the best team in the league. Not many fans want to hear any moral victories, but having that mentality from a player or coach's perspective will help the team down the stretch coming out of the bye.

In these situations after a heartbreaking loss, the Bills usually go on big win streaks going into the post-season. Let's not forget the infamous "Hail Murray" that occurred in 2020, being the first of many heartbreaking losses in recent memory. The Bills would go into their bye and come out not losing a single game, going 8-0 into the AFC Championship. 

The Bills also suffered a heartbreaker in 2021 where the Buccaneers beat them in OT, bringing their record to 7-6. This would be a similar game to where the Bills face a top-three team on the road and lose heartbreakingly. The Bills would end up going on a tear as they went 5-0, all the way to face the Chiefs in the divisional round. 

Last year, the Bills would lose another overtime heartbreaker against the Vikings but would go 8-0 once again until the AFC Divisional round against the Bengals. These gut-wrenching losses have similar outcomes afterward, as the Bills start to turn up the heat and go on a winning streak. Although the remaining opponents are still challenging feats, the Bills showed that they have the potential to win these games against the best of the best.