3 possible reasons why Buffalo Bills made trade offer for Trey Lance

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Trey Lance gives Buffalo Bills an athletic backup and long-term solution

Over the years, the Buffalo Bills have leaned into adding experienced quarterbacks to backup Josh Allen like Mitchell Trubisky and Case Keenum. The reason being that if Allen was forced to miss any time, it would be important to have veterans who have shown they can be productive in the NFL because finding quarterbacks that can do what Josh Allen does, would be hard to find.

While Trey Lance has almost no NFL experience, with only four career starts, he has the athletic skill set that would allow the Bills to keep the same playbook if Josh Allen was forced to miss time. Lance is a dual threat quarterback who not only has the arm strength to make any throw but also is elusive and can make big plays with his legs.

In addition to having the athletic ability that parallels Josh Allen, it would also be a long-term answer at the backup quarterback position. Lance is under contract for two more years and while it is unlikely the Bills would pick up his fifth year option, it would be the first time since 2020 that the team would have the same backup in consecutive years.

An opportunity to develop a quarterback in Ken Dorsey's offense who would allow the team to keep almost the same playbook, is probably the biggest reason that Brandon Beane made an offer for Trey Lance.