3 reasons why the Buffalo Bills will sweep the hyped-up New York Jets in 2023

New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills / Joshua Bessex/GettyImages
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1.) Week one in the NFL vs. Aaron Rodgers

In his last two seasons with the Packers, Rodgers and the franchise were having a rocky relationship where there was tension and not enough communication between the two. Rodgers also has not been the most supportive and welcoming to the young receivers that the Packers brought in.

He missed out on different training sessions which means that chemistry was not being built up. As a result of that, the Packers under Rodgers have been blown out in their last two season openers. In 2021, Rodgers and the Packers were destroyed by the Saints 38-3. In 2022, Rodgers and the Packers lost to the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. 

In those two games combined, the Packers, led by Rodgers, lost 61-10. Rodgers had a combined stat line of 328 passing yards, zero touchdowns, three interceptions, one fumble and completed only 59 percent of his throws.

Say what you want about the 61 points (Rodgers didn’t give up 61 points), but the fact that he only managed to help put up 10 total points in two season openers is not a great look. Now granted, Rodgers has been seen building chemistry with his new receivers and his team.

However, stats don’t lie and Rodgers has to learn a whole new system and find ways to connect with his new (and familiar) weapons. He also has to find a way to click against the Bills defense who finished as a top five overall defensive unit from last season.