3 reasons why the Buffalo Bills should consider signing Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott, Buffalo Bills
Ezekiel Elliott, Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Ezekiel Elliot would help the short yardage game

One of the biggest weaknesses that the Bills have is not only the run game, but also finding a trustworthy back to get the hard couple yards to pick up the first or get in the endzone. If you have watched the Bills, it is safe to say that they have designed run plays for Allen to carry the ball.

Watching Allen run the ball is fascinating considering the fact he is not afraid of contact. Although, the Bills cannot afford to lose Allen for a game or the season on a designed run play that could have been avoided. 

As the run game has struggled in those situations, the Buffalo Bills have relied more and more on Josh Allen's legs. He has had at least 100 rushing attempts the past four seasons with over 120 the past two.

Elliott is the type of back who can run in between the tackles and fight for the extra yards. When the Bills are in those 3rd and short situations and need to pick up a first or punch it in the endzone, Elliott would be able to take those carries off of Allen’s shoulders and limit the risk of injury.