3 reasons why the Buffalo Bills should consider signing Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott, Buffalo Bills
Ezekiel Elliott, Buffalo Bills / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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Josh Allen could use better pass protection 

Since Josh Allen was drafted, the Bills have developed a more consistent passing game in which they have surrounded Allen with weapons they are still currently adding to the unit.

While the passing game has evolved in Buffalo, there are also times when we have seen Allen running for his life because of a lack of protection or not getting enough time to throw. Say what you want about the offensive line, but there typically has not been good pass protection in the backfield either. 

When Elliott was in Dallas, he was a big contributor in the passing game for not just getting catches but for also picking up blitzes. While you always want to have as many weapons on the field during a pass play, there still needs to be protection in the backfield in case the big guys up front are not able to pick up the blitz on time. 

In order to allow Allen to make the big plays, there has to be an extra layer of pass protection. Elliott would be a great pass blocking back for the Bills.