3 questions at safety for the Buffalo Bills entering training camp

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Will Taylor Rapp have a role outside of being the backup for the Buffalo Bills?

Entering the 2022 season, one of the big question marks was just how good the depth is at the position. The fact that Hyde and Poyer have been as durable as they were was certainly a great thing for the defense but it also didn't give players like Jaquan Johnson or Hamlin an opportunity to play and they were really unknowns.

This season, the depth at the position is no longer as much in question because not only did Damar Hamlin play almost a full season but the Bills would sign Taylor Rapp as a free agent in the offseason. Rapp was a former second round pick by the Los Angeles Rams and has started 48 games over four seasons.

Taylor Rapp certainly will be a backup for Hyde and Poyer this season but it gives Sean McDermott the opportunity to be a little more creative with his defense looks this season. Taylor Rapp is a bigger safety that could be used in a big nickel formation.

The Bills have played a majority of their snaps out of nickel since McDermott became head coach and they have been able to do that because Taron Johnson is an excellent tackler and one of the premier nickel corners in the league. However, there are times when the defense can be over-matched against two-tight end sets or more power formations.

By placing Taylor Rapp on the field as a nickel linebacker, it gives Sean McDermott better personnel to match up against those types of formations. It may be a situational role for this season for Taylor Rapp but could put him in line to be the starter in 2024 if the Buffalo Bills don't bring back Micah Hyde.