3 questions for the Buffalo Bills linebackers entering training camp

At arguably the biggest position of need for the Bills entering training camp, what questions are circling around the Bills' linebacker room?
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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2.) Who will earn more playing time; Terrel Bernard or Dorian Williams?

Both Bernard and Williams are young players who either came into the league last year or this year. Drafted in the third round in their respective drafts, Bernard and Williams may be involved in a battle to see which young linebacker can step up for the Bills not just this season, but moving forward.

With the Bills having a big gap at the linebacker position, this year is an opportunity for both of them to prove to their coaches and the fans as to why each of them should be involved more in the defense. 

Both players are around the same size (6’1” and between 220-230 pounds). What they lack in size as compared to Edmunds (6’5”, 250 pounds), can be made up for in quickness. The competition between Bernard and Williams will be a key battle to keep and eye on.

This could go well into the preseason and even at the start of the season. The only thing we know is that Milano will definitely be on the field to represent the linebackers, but who will join him?