3 questions for the Buffalo Bills defensive tackles entering training camp

The Buffalo Bills have these questions at defensive tackle as they head into training camp later this month.
New York Jets v Buffalo Bills
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1.) How will the defensive line match up against opposing running backs?

Here are some notable running backs that the Buffalo Bills defensive tackles will have to face and try to contain the run:

-Breece Hall (running away with offensive rookie of the year in 2022 before tearing his ACL)
-Josh Jacobs (if he ends his holdout, he will be defending his rushing title from last season with 1,653 rushing yards)
-Travis Etienne (rushed for over 1,000 yards last season to start off his career)
-Saquon Barkley (had a bounce back year with 1,312 rushing yards and can catch passes out of the backfield)
-Rhamondre Stevenson (took over as the main back in New England, arguably the best running back in the AFC East)
-Austin Ekeler (rushed for 915 yards, 13 touchdowns and caught 107 passes for 722 yards and 5 touchdowns)

As you can see, the Bills defensive line will have a tough task at containing these notable running backs during their matchups. Part of a successful defense is being able to stop the run and not allow big plays to happen in between the tackles.

It takes away momentum and will force the passing game to be the main reason why an offense puts up points which are not always guaranteed. Not to mention, the Bills will be seeing Hall and Stevenson twice this season in the division.