3 quarterbacks the Buffalo Bills will play for the first time in 2023

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Jalen Hurts

The final quarterback is probably going to be one of the toughest quarterbacks for the Buffalo Bills to defend this year. Last season, Jalen Hurts had a breakout season as he led the Eagles all the way to the Super Bowl and finished runner up in MVP voting.

In 2022, Hurts had 3,701 passing yards, 22 passing touchdowns, six interceptions with 760 rushing yards and 13 rushing touchdowns.

The reason that Jalen Hurts is so tough to stop is that he can beat defenses a number of different ways with his arm or his leg. On top of that, the Eagles have built an incredible supporting cast with one of the best offensive lines in the league and a group of playmakers that includes A.J. Brown, Devonta Smith, Dallas Goedert, and D'Andre Swift.

The Buffalo Bills and Philadelphia Eagles are set to play each other in Week 12 of the 2023 season. This will give the coaching staff plenty of time to get more tape on Jalen Hurts but they won't have the prior experience to fall back on when trying to formulate a gameplan.