3 potential free agent cornerbacks to add depth for the Buffalo Bills

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Dane Jackson

The easy button here is simply re-signing Dane Jackson. He's not great, but he's not bad either and you could certainly do much worse as a backup. He knows this team, the roster, staff, and defensive scheme. He's a player you can trust to know what he's doing on the field and understands the game. I realize he may not have all the physical traits, but in a pinch, he's a solid corner.

2023 wasn't a particularly good season for him, especially against the run. His 29.3 Pro Football Focus grade against the run was the worst of his career; however, in his first two seasons, his grade was over 75.0, so he's been good there. Maybe 2023 was a down year for him. For the season, he gave up 22 receptions on 31 targets and a passer rating of 102.8.