3 possible scenarios on what the Bills roster will look like after NFL Draft

So far the 2024 offseason has been an emotional one for Bills fans, as their team lost many notable players, many due to salary cap issues. The Bills have some holes on the roster, but it's not as many as some fans would imply.
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Trading for Tee Higgins

This scenario is on everyone's mind but probably not as likely as the last scenario. The Bills would have to make a pretty nice offer to the Bengals, somewhere around the lines of the Bills' first and second picks. However, would the Bengals want to trade to a talented AFC rival in the Bills? The asking price would probably be higher than what the Bills would be offering.

Another thing, the Bills don't have the cap space to pay Tee Higgins the money he wants. However, with a little negotiating and some restructures, the Bills could convince Higgins to play for the year, then potentially sign a long-term contract next season when the Bills have more cap to work with.

A Higgins trade may be the least possible scenario out of the three, but there have been crazier stories on draft night. Plus, fans don't know what's going on behind closed doors.