3 possible scenarios on what the Bills roster will look like after NFL Draft

So far the 2024 offseason has been an emotional one for Bills fans, as their team lost many notable players, many due to salary cap issues. The Bills have some holes on the roster, but it's not as many as some fans would imply.
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Buffalo Bills trade up high in the draft

Getting a second-round pick with the Diggs trade opens up many possibilities within draft night. The Bills now have the potential to trade up pretty far up the draft, maybe even into the top 10. There are rumors about the Bills targeting LSU wide receiver Malik Nabers, who's projected to go around the fifth pick.

Trading up this far in the draft seems a little far-fetched, but it could happen with the right scenario. If the Bills were to target Nabers, they'd have to work out a deal with the Giants.

The Giants will also target wide receivers, but they have many holes, more so than just receivers. So if the Bills were to offer their first, second, fourth, and next year's second (from the Diggs trade), that could be a realistic offer that the Giants would take, giving the Bills a chance at Nabers or Washington wide receiver Rome Odunze.

The Bills have also met with another LSU wide receiver in Brian Thomas Jr, who expects to go in the mid to late first round. The Bills would risk letting Thomas fall to them at 28, so they may pull a trade with a team like the Falcons at 16. The Bills wouldn't have to give up too much when moving up to 16, probably somewhere around their first-rounder and a third-rounder. 

Thomas is the top favorite to go to the Bills at 28, even Nabers believes Thomas will get drafted by the Bills. However, with many receiver-needy teams in this draft, the Bills may try to be aggressive and go and get their guy at 16.