3 possible scenarios on what the Bills roster will look like after NFL Draft

So far the 2024 offseason has been an emotional one for Bills fans, as their team lost many notable players, many due to salary cap issues. The Bills have some holes on the roster, but it's not as many as some fans would imply.
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Due to the loss of those key players, the Bills are in a mini rebuild but still have a solid team, yet they do require some positional improvements. With the 2024 NFL draft rolling around, the Bills need a great draft to keep themselves as Super Bowl contenders for at least the next few years. 

With the Stefon Diggs trade, there's no doubt that a new receiver will be on the team during draft night, but there's a possibility that it won't be on day one. The Bills could use some of their 11 draft picks to trade up in the draft, savor those picks, or maybe use those picks to acquire a player in the draft.

Staying at number 28 but not taking a receiver

After the Diggs trade, this scenario is unlikely, but not impossible. The Bills still have some holes within their depth chart, and there's a chance they would pass on a receiver and take the best overall player on the board. Some talented players fall in drafts every year, maybe a defensive player, which is a positional need for Buffalo. 

Not many fans would like this scenario, but the Bills could afford to pass on a receiver there with the deep receiver class this year. The receivers likely available in the second round have high ceilings and can be potential number-one receivers in the league. So the Bills could leave the first two rounds with a talented defensive player and a potential number one receiver.