3 offseason moves from AFC East rivals that Bills fans can laugh at


Sep 24, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA;  Miami Dolphins linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel (43) is
Sep 24, 2023; Miami Gardens, Florida, USA; Miami Dolphins linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel (43) is / Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffalo Bills looked to be down and out during the 2023 season, sitting with a 6-6 record before tearing off five straight wins to snatch the AFC East title away from the Miami Dolphins. While the 2023 season didn't end according to plan for the Bills, they can at least take some comfort in knowing they didn't fumble the bag as their divisional rivals did.

Let's take a look at three offseason moves made by the rest of the AFC East that Bills fans couldn't help but laugh at.

Dolphins letting Andrew Van Ginkel leave

Leave it to the Miami Dolphins to mess up something that seemed so easy. Andrew Van Ginkel had been one of their stars defensively but ended up signing a two-year deal worth $20 million with the Minnesota Vikings. He had six sacks during the 2023 season with two of those coming against the Bills in Week 4.

The Dolphins might have been in a rough cap space situation but this contract felt like something that they could have matched to keep a key defender in South Beach. Instead, he traded in his beachwear for winter coats as he'll now be calling Minnesota home.

This was a major slip-up by the Dolphins but a win for the Bills. No longer will we have to worry about Josh Allen getting taken to the ground by Van Ginkel.

Patriots not getting a clear WR1

This could end up changing once the 2024 NFL Draft takes place but right now, the Patriots' WR1 is probably Kendrick Bourne, who had barely over 400 yards receiving last year. Despite their abundance of riches in cap space and having a major need for a wide receiver, the Patriots didn't swing for the fences in bringing one in this offseason.

The Patriots were rumored to be in the mix for Calvin Ridley, who is coming off a 1,000 yard receiving campaign with the Jaguars last year, but nothing ever happened there. Ridley signed a massive deal with the Titans instead and now the Patriots are still needing a top wide receiver for whichever rookie signal caller they add this year.

This is good news for the Bills though because their defense should hopefully have no problem slowing down whichever young and inexperienced receivers New England brings in.

Jets letting Bryce Huff walk away for free

When it comes to the Jets' offseason plans, it always feels like there are more bad moves to pick from than good moves. Their most laughable moment this offseason had to be when they let their star pass rusher leave this offseason and got nothing in return for his departure.

Huff had 10 sacks during the 2023 season and yet appeared to be more than fine with letting him sign a massive contract with the Philadelphia Eagles on the first day of the legal tampering period. Justin Fried of The Jet Press wrote an article about the situation and called the Jets front office clueless for how the Huff situation was handled.

"The Jets have been receiving trade calls on Huff for the last 12+ months. They had numerous opportunities to send him to another team and recoup assets and multiple chances to extend him before his price tag got this high."

The Jets could have easily gotten something in return for Huff's services but they decided to simply let him leave for nothing. To make matters worse, any compensatory pick that the Jets would have gotten for Huff is no more as signing Tyron Smith and Mike Williams eliminated that from happening.

Bills fans love continuing to see the Jets mess up tme and time again and the way they mishandled the Bryce Huff situation is pure comedy.