3 moves that could define the Buffalo Bills 2024 offseason

It's been a busy offseason for Brandon Beane and the Bills. Let's just hope a few of the moves don't come back to bite them.
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The Buffalo Bills complete a draft day trade with the Chiefs, who land Xavier Worthy with the pick.

First, let's break down the trade. The Bills sent picks 28, 133, and 248 to arch-rival Kansas City in exchange for 32, 95 and 221. The Bills traded the 32nd and 200th picks to acquire the 33rd and 141st picks. Now, let's look at the players they selected in those spots. We know Beane took Keon Coleman with the 33rd, but with the 95th and 221st picks from the Chiefs, they selected defensive tackle DeWayne Carter and offensive tackle Travis Clayton. The 141st pick acquired from Carolina resulted in center Sedrick Van Pran-Granger.

The Bills have been slammed repeatedly for this move, and Imagine the national media and the fan base if Worthy goes out and has a terrific rookie season. The trade may be immediately viewed as a regrettable decision by the Bills, yet the additional facets of the transaction will likely be overlooked. The Bills may have gotten a future starting center and defensive tackle in Van Pran-Granger and Carter. And we can't overlook who the Bills selected with the 33rd pick, Keon Coleman. Coleman slides into the third offseason move the Bills could regret.