3 keys for victory for the Buffalo Bills over the New York Jets in Week 1

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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1.) Buffalo Bills’ receivers getting separation from Jets’ secondary

Part of the issue as to why the Bills’ offense stalled last season was because of the lack of separation that their receivers were able to get against opposing secondaries.

Outside of Stefon Diggs, the receiving core seemed to have trouble getting an extra step or two on the defenders which allowed Diggs to be double covered and force the other receivers to go one-on-one with a defensive back and not be as successful. 

In order for Josh Allen to make a play with his arm and not his legs is for his receivers to break away to get open. The good news for this offense heading into the season is the addition of bigger weapons with Trent Sherfield (and eventually Justin Shorter), a speedy option in Deonte Harty, and a tight end who will play more in the slot in rookie Dalton Kincaid.

If the Bills pass attack can get going and consistently move the chains on the big downs, this offense should see no limitations through the air.