3 keys for victory for the Buffalo Bills over the New York Jets in Week 1

Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions
Buffalo Bills v Detroit Lions / Nic Antaya/GettyImages
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2.) Consistent pressure on Aaron Rodgers

This should be an obvious one, but Rodgers has shown that he does not like getting hit or not being protected well enough. However, this does not mean just getting to Rodgers in the pocket, but also keeping a lockdown on his weapons down the field.

If Rodgers feels the pressure upfront, or is not able to hit an open receiver then the Jets’ offense becomes limited. Even though Rodges has the ability to extend a play outside of the pocket, he will eventually need help. 

The Bills’ defensive line can turn up the pressure and collapse the pocket which could force Rodgers to throw it into a bad pass that turns into an interception for the Bills. While some quarterbacks do not like interior pressure, Rodgers may not like not having the ability to escape the pocket to extend the play.

Not only can the Bills defensive line shut down the run game, but also cause a disruption against the pass or make a play that can secure a turnover for the defense.