3 key takeaways from Buffalo Bills final preseason game

On Saturday, the Buffalo Bills put a cap on the preseason in the Windy City against the Chicago Bears. As the team's focus shifts to Week 1, here are three takeaways from Buffalo's preseason finale.

Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears
Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears / Quinn Harris/GettyImages
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Buffalo Bills' urgency was noticeable throughout the contest

The memory of an ugly loss still lingered, serving as a driving force for the team's determination to bounce back. After the game, Josh Allen shared his sentiments with the media: "I think just in terms of energy and juice in this game compared to last game, guys were ready to go," Allen said. "You can notice the difference."

Last week, the Bills appeared flat from the start of the game. They committed 12 penalties in the first half, surrendered a 62-yard run, and were down 26-0 late in the game; not the output of a team with Super Bowl aspirations.

In the days leading up to the game, the Bills' practice sessions were characterized by heightened focus and intensity. The coaching staff emphasized the need to rectify the team's mistakes to be prepared to showcase its true potential on Saturday and when the regular season kicks off.

As this game unfolded, it was evident that the Bills had harnessed their frustration and turned it into a driving force. The defense was dialed in along with the offense from the opening kick. They swarmed to the ball, executed their assignments precisely, and played well down the stretch.

In the game's aftermath, Coach McDermott commended his team's response and acknowledged them for maintaining the right mindset. Having channeled their embarrassment into a triumphant performance, the players seemed to have learned their lesson, which should increase their awareness of bringing the juice in future games from start to finish.

The lesson was clear: setbacks can catalyze growth and transformation. The urgency to play well, born out of a blowout loss, uniquely propelled the Buffalo Bills to not only redeem themselves but reinforce their identity as a team capable of overcoming adversity and playing well no matter the circumstances.

There's just over two weeks before the Buffalo Bills travel to the Meadowlands to face the New York Jets on Monday Night Football. Although it will be early in the season, a win would go a long way in winning the AFC East division and potentially the conference. However, if Buffalo is not consistently prepared or lacks urgency when the games kick off, they will be in for a long physically and mentally draining season.