3 intriguing Buffalo Bills that can return kicks under new rules in 2024

With great turnover in the special teams room, and the NFL adopting new kickoff rules, the Bills could designate a primary kick returner in 2024.
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Keon Coleman

Coleman serves as the least likely candidate of the bunch, but his history of returning punts in college should earn him some consideration.

While playing for the Florida State Seminoles in 2023, Coleman returned 25 punts for 300 total yards. His 4.61 40-yard dash at the NFL combine was disappointing, but Coleman plays with solid game speed, and his punt returns showcased his elite athletic ability.

Because he'll be a rookie, the Bills could use the new low-impact kickoffs as an opportunity to get Coleman some touches without risking significant injury. His lack of experience returning kicks is a red flag, but he's displayed above-average long speed that could translate to special teams.

Considering the Bills don't have a long-standing NFL kick returner on their roster, it's difficult to predict who might assume responsibility for the role before training camp opens next month. There are some players who seem like good candidates, but right now the position is open for tryouts, so it won't be surprising if some of these players get some touches during the preseason.