3 draft picks Buffalo Bills got right and 2 they will regret

Buffalo Bills, Brandon Beane
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Buffalo Bills, Dalton Kincaid
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The Buffalo Bills got it right with Dalton Kincaid

Love the pick or hate it, the Bills did the right thing by drafting Dalton Kincaid. Brandon Beane wanted another offensive weapon that could be used regularly, and judging by the BIlls' willingness to go 12 personnel last year, this is the pick that made the most sense for them.

Buffalo wants to run the football. They want to run 12 personnel. But, they'd also like to have the flexibility of another weapon on the field in those instances. Kincaid was the perfect selection, because he allows you to do all of those things. Splitting him out wide and keeping Dawson Knox in closer could end up working to Buffalo's advantage, at times too, with Josh Allen having a lot of options depending on formation.

The Buffalo Bills got it right with Dorian Williams

Not every fan was comfortable with someone like Tyrel Dodson taking over for Tremaine Edmunds. Is he capable? Sure. Could he start the season? Absolutely. But, Dorian Williams will be the future, sooner or later. The Bills needed someone they could trust long-term to come in and replace Edmunds, and Williams' production and traits speak to the type this defense needed.

His elite production and willingness to cover a lot of ground on every single play make Williams the type of guy you want in the middle of your defense. In the third round, he was a value, too. Ultimately, he makes the loss of Edmunds not sting as bad.