3 Dallas Cowboys the Buffalo Bills need to limit in Week 15

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
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2. DaRon Bland

Bland isn't the best cover-corner in the NFL, but he could be the best defensive playmaker ever.

That's probably a bold take, but his numbers speak for themselves. Bland has recorded eight interceptions this season, five of which have gone for touchdowns, setting a new league record for pick-6s in a single season.

The second-year cornerback from Fresno State relies on his incredible ball skills to make highlight-reel interceptions and seemingly pass him for a wide receiever. While an opposing defender of his nature poses a threat to any offense, the Bills should be particularly scared of what Bland brings to the table.

It's probably unjust to call Allen a 'turnover machine' in today's NFL, but his numbers also speak for themselves. Allen has thrown the most interceptions since entering the league in 2018 — and is currently riding a nine-game interception streak.

If Allen is smart, he'll try to throw his weekly interception to another Cowboys defender this Sunday.

Honorable Mention: KaVontae Turpin

Including a return specialist who isn't named Devin Hester might seem strange for this list, but KaVontae Turpin is the real deal, and the Bills have struggled to limit opposing returners this season.

Looking at the numbers, the Bills have allowed the fifth-most kick return yards in 2023, while Turpin is averaging 31.4 yards per kick returned, including a 63-yard run-back against the Los Angeles Rams in week eight.

The Bills special teams unit has also given up a touchdown this season when New York Jets undrafted rookie Xavier Gipson returned an overtime punt for a walk-off touchdown in week one.

While special teams is mostly forgettable, it can play a significant role in determining the outcome of a football game — and if the Bills aren't careful, Turpin could take advantage.