3 Dallas Cowboys the Buffalo Bills must gameplan for in Week 15

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys
Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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A classic yet not too often battle takes place this week in western New York with Dallas Cowboys (10-3) heading up to Orchard Park to take on the Buffalo Bills (7-6). Both teams are coming off a win in Week 14, with the Bills defeating the Chiefs 20-17 and the Cowboys beating down the Eagles 33-13. The Bills keep their playoff hopes alive for another week while the Cowboys are now in the mix for the top spot in the NFC East and possibly the number one seed in the conference.

This is the biggest game of the season for the Bills as they will take on a winner of their last five games while the Bills have not had back-to-back wins since Week 4. Dallas has been dominating opponents throughout the season why the Bills have not had a convincing win since Week 4 against the Miami Dolphins.

The Bills will have a lot of game planning to do for the Cowboys overall, but there are three specific players that could take over a game at any point. The Cowboys have played great complimentary football and the Bills will have to find a way to disrupt their game plan and it starts by taking away three specific players.

Here are the three Cowboys players that the Buffalo Bills need to game plan for.