3 Buffalo Bills who struggled in Week 17 against the Patriots

New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills
New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Rich Barnes/GettyImages
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Latavius Murray

For most of the season, Latavius Murray has been a pleasant surprise for this offense. The veteran running back has not been a starter but has gotten meaningful snaps and made the most of the chances he has gotten.

However, he struggled against the Patriots in limited touches that had a significant impact on the game. The first opportunity came towards the end of the first half when the Bills had a 3rd and 2 at their own 45 yard line. Josh Allen would throw it wide to Murray who looked to be wide open and at the very least had a first down but seemed to have room to run that could have gotten Buffalo close to field goal range.

Unfortunately, he would drop the pass and the Bills would be forced to punt.

At the start of the fourth quarter, the Bills were facing a 3rd and 1 and elected to go with an extra offensive lineman and hand it off to Murray. However, Murray was not able to pick up the first down and the Bills had to punt.

Murray does a lot of the little things that don't end up in the box score, like his pass protection and blitz pick up. However, these were two big mistakes that loomed large in this game.