3 Buffalo Bills upcoming free agents that should be re-signed after salary cap explosion

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Gave Davis - Wide receiver

I don't know, call me a homer but I hope Davis returns to Buffalo. I think under the new salary cap, that is more of a possibility now than it was previously. First of all, I don't think Davis should be brought back as the Bills' number two wide receiver, which is why re-signing him may prove to be difficult regardless of the increase in the salary cap. I think there will be a couple of teams willing to pay him receiver two-type money but if he's willing to come back for less, I'd love to have him back for the 2024 season.

Spotrac has Gabe's market value at $13.6 million and he may get that. I also believe the Bills should still draft two more wide receivers in the coming draft to potentially be the team's number two but if they don't work out or aren't ready in year one, you at least have a player in Davis that Allen and the coaching staff is familiar with. This one will be interesting to watch this offseason. Don't be surprised if Davis comes back for a little less money than some fans anticipate.