3 Buffalo Bills players who could be spared after salary cap hike

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Tre'Davious White

Tre'Davious White has the fifth highest cap hit for the Buffalo Bills entering 2024 and at one point in his career, it seemed almost unthinkable that the team could release him. He was an elite shut down corner and a key part of the secondary.

However, after season ending injuries in two of the last three years and not playing a full season since 2018, it is worth at least a discussion. If the team released him, it would save just over $6 million in cap space.

The reason the Bills may not consider it anymore is that if the Bills were to release him it would also result in over $10.3 million in dead cap. While White hasn't had the best luck with injuries, he is not very far removed from being a top cornerback in the NFL.

The increase in the salary cap could be enough for the Buffalo Bills to be patient and see how White responds from the most recent injury.